SemSpect is a scalable graph exploration and data-driven no-code querying tool for Neo4j and RDF data

Graph App for Neo4j Desktop / Web App for Neo4j Server / Web App Server for RDF dumps

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Install Neo4j SemSpect


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RDF data? Official release available!

Load a RDF dump in the dedicated in-memory store of the RDF SemSpect Server and explore it with your prefered web browser.

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Avoid Hairballs

The compact and flexible overview aggregates objects and relations and shows details on demand

Explore big graphs

The aggregated representation scales easily to graphs with millions of nodes

Gain insight

The high level browsing reveals the structure of your graph down to its furthest corners

Improve data quality

Data driven exploration menus reveal unexpected or missing connections

Answer complex questions

No query syntax is required to build and filter deep exploration trees

Build your own data view

Define new dynamic labels during browsing to refine your schema.

Watch SemSpect in Action

on a Neo4j Desktop example dataset

Example exploration (VIDEO)

Finding grants and active journals related to cancer in the SN SciGraph Dataset

Starting with all research subjects, we first restrict the group to the ones about cancer and retrieve the related articles. We then retrieve the journals and the grants related to these articles. We mark the most remarkable finds and finally restrict the journal group to the active ones. The exploration is saved for later usage on updated data.


Example exploration (VIDEO) demo
SN SciGraph (DEMO) demo

SN SciGraph (DEMO)

Publishing Industry

The SpringerNature SciGraph initiative combines data about millions of articles, contributors, journals, grants, etc. within a RDFS dump. SemSpect makes this data set easily understandable.


Panama Papers (DEMO)

Fraud Detection

The Neo4j data dump released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists about the Panama Papers Leak contains over 4.5 millions relationships between persons and companies. SemSpect can import this data to expose network patterns used in money laundry and tax fraud.


Panama Papers (DEMO) demo
GovTrack (DEMO) demo

GovTrack (DEMO)

Open Data about the US Congress publishes data about the US federal legislation such as information about representatives and senators in US Congress including voting records, bill status and votes. We have complemented this data with an ontology schema and offer SemSpect to track US Congress no. 112 to 114.


Reactome (DEMO)

Life Science

Large volumes of biomedical data sources are already available in standardized formats such as RDFS, OBO or OWL. This allows to easily establish and use cross-links between resources in multiple biomedical domains to execute Life Science research in its entirety. See the Reactome data from EMBL-EBI in SemSpect as a showcase.


Reactome (DEMO) demo

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