Gain insight

Explore the relations between objects in your data with a compact and flexible overview that aggregates objects and relations and shows details on demand.

Answer complex questions

Benefit from the combination of data driven exploration with intuitive cascading filtering to build complex queries without any syntax.

Build your own data view

Define and combine custom categories of objects during your exploration to refine your schema. Store relevant explorations for later usage on updated data.

Handle big graphs

Deal with over 10 million nodes and 100 million relations thanks to aggregated data views powered by our patented GraphScale semantic engine.

Share your results

Use quick CSV downloads for raw data or generate a full configurable report of your exploration with overview and detail graphics in editable RTF format.

Improve data quality

Discover anomalies in your graph while exploring the data. The data driven exploration reveals unexpected relations and the facet filters are useful to track down classification errors.

Example exploration (VIDEO) demo

Example exploration (VIDEO)

Finding grants and active journals related to cancer in the SN SciGraph Dataset

Starting with all research subjects, we first restrict the group to the ones about cancer and retrieve the related articles. We then retrieve the journals and the grants related to these articles. We mark the most remarkable finds and finally restrict the journal group to the active ones. The exploration is saved for later usage on updated data.


SN SciGraph (DEMO)

Publishing Industry

The SpringerNature SciGraph initiative combines data about millions of articles, contributors, journals, grants, etc. within a RDFS dump. SemSpect makes this data set easily understandable.

Datasource Demo

SN SciGraph (DEMO) demo
Panama Papers (DEMO) demo

Panama Papers (DEMO)

Fraud Detection

The Neo4j data dump released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists about the Panama Papers Leak contains over 4.5 millions relationships between persons and companies. SemSpect can import this data to expose network patterns used in money laundry and tax fraud.

Datasource Demo

GovTrack (DEMO)

Open Data about the US Congress publishes data about the US federal legislation such as information about representatives and senators in US Congress including voting records, bill status and votes. We have complemented this data with an ontology schema and offer SemSpect to track US Congress no. 112 to 114.

Datasource Demo

GovTrack (DEMO) demo
Reactome (DEMO) demo

Reactome (DEMO)

Life Science

Large volumes of biomedical data sources are already available in standardized formats such as RDFS, OBO or OWL. This allows to easily establish and use cross-links between resources in multiple biomedical domains to execute Life Science research in its entirety. See the Reactome data from EMBL-EBI in SemSpect as a showcase.

Datasource Demo

SemSpect elsewhere...

SemSpect contributes to the CovidGraph platform

derivo is a partner of the CovidGraph team that aims to help researchers to fight the pandemic with a large knowledge graph

The CovidGraph initiative is a nonprofit collaboration to built a research and communication platform based on a Neo4j graph that includes publications, cases, genes, molecular data etc. and their relations. The new SemSpect Graph App for Neo4j is used for data quality checking as well as query tool by the CovidGraph development team.

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SemSpect for SpringerNature’s SciGraph Initiative

As of June 2017 we support SpringerNatures (SN) SciGraph with our exploration tool SemSpect

SpringerNature recently released SN SciGraph, a Linked Open Data dataset about scientific articles, journals, grants and institutions as well as their cross-links. As key partner of this initiative, derivo is supporting the project with expertise in knowledge modeling as well as with SemSpect. See how to uncover the hidden in SpringerNature’s SciGraph in this article.

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Talk at SEMANTiCS 2017 in Amsterdam in september

SEMANTiCS is an annual event bringing together professionals and researchers applying semantic systems

Data-driven exploration and a data-sensitive visualization can help making sense of large Knowledge Graphs. At SEMANTiCS 2017 industry track it was demonstrated that SemSpect enables even domain or query novices to carry out sophisticated research by interacting with a visual representation of the data. This has been shown using the example of the Panama Papers dataset.

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Demo and poster at ISWC 2017 in Vienna in October

The International Semantic Web Conference is the premier international forum for Semantic Technologies and the Linked Data community

Knowledge Graphs are becoming more common within industrial and scientific applications. Field experience with our customers have revealed that existing graph visualization and querying tools fail to adequately support users in understanding and querying real-world datasets. At ISWC we present SemSpect by means of a poster an a demo.

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